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Full Page AD

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Full Page AD in Deville Magazine.

This is a high quality printed publication.

All ADs are professionally set up by our in house graphic designer or you can send over your own high quality artwork.

If you choose to have us create your AD please provide:

- High Resolution Imagery 

- Clean Logo Artwork (PNG or Vector files only)

- Call to action information

Send to: 


Our advertisers also have their own parking lot on our website where we link your AD to your webpage.


We send out our magazines in large plastic envelopes so we ENCOURAGE you to give us swag, business cards or single page flyers to send out with the magazine!

Deville will have a booth at 4 big car shows, 2 of which we are sponsoring in Utah where we will be selling our magazine which means more exposure for your business and you can leave us some swag and advertisements at our booth too!